How to Get Through Thanksgiving Guilt and Binge Free...

If food around the holidays is especially stressful and often leads to guilt and shame for what you ate, this post is for you!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Hard to believe right?! While Thanksgiving plans may look a little different for you and your family this year, I want to help you make a game plan for having a guilt and binge free Thanksgiving. Regardless where, with whom, and what food is involved for you this year, I am going to give you the tips you need to be able to go into Thanksgiving with peace of mind when it comes to the food. Let's get into it...

1. Remember it is just ONE day. If you eat until you are uncomfortably full, know that this feeling will eventually pass. Drink some water, go on a slow walk, and do what you need to do to make yourself comfortable, but make sure you know that one day of eating will NOT make you gain 10lbs overnight and you should not be spending the rest of your day stressed about what you ate. You also don’t need to sit there worrying about what workout you will do tomorrow to burn it all off...

2. Again… it is just ONE day and you don't need to feel obligated to binge on all the foods and then swear them off the next day. This will only set yourself up to feel guilty and regret your choices. You don't HAVE to stuff yourself uncomfortably full just because it is the "norm" and expected on this holiday. I think a lot of us just expect to go all out with food and make ourselves miserably full because it’s an expectation. No one is telling you that you have to stuff your face!! Treat it as any normal meal. Listen to your body, eat until you are comfortably full, and then go back for a seconds or even a second round later in the day if you want! The food will still be there. Unless your family never plans for left overs that is.

3. EAT BREAKFAST. Whatever you do, do NOT fast up until your big Thanksgiving meal. This is the biggest thing you can do to set yourself up for a binge and feeling uncomfortable. When you go into any meal ravenously hungry, you aren’t going to be able to make rational decisions. Your stomach will speak louder than your brain until you finally realize that you just binged on anything and everything you could get your hands on regardless if it's truly what you wanted or not. Depending on when your meal is, have a light breakfast or at least a few snacks throughout the early morning/afternoon. Your body will thank you!

4. Go into the day with a positive attitude. If food is stressful for you right now, remember that some of these foods might only come around once a year for you and they might be your absolute favorites! You should be able to enjoy them and feel happy about eating them, not guilty! Have a little extra green bean casserole or second piece of pie if it makes you feel good. Food is not just something that fills our stomachs, it’s something that is meaningful. It is something to celebrate and brings a sense of connection during the holiday season. Be grateful for the opportunity to have food on the table and spending time with loved ones, not guilty for the pumpkin pie that you ate or how much butter grandma put in the mashed potatoes.

Keep these four things in the forefront of your mind going into your Thanksgiving. Whatever you do, please do not feel the need to beat yourself up for all you ate. Like I said, it is one day of eating. One day of eating does not make or break your health, it will not make you gain 10bs, and it does not make you a bad person for enjoying the foods you love! I hope you have a blessed and healthy Thanksgiving 2020!



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