Is Intuitive Eating Really For Me???

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

If you have heard about intuitive eating, are maybe intrigued, but left wondering... Is it for me? Will this be something that will work for me? I’m going to stop you right there first, because intuitive eating is for everyone and you actually were born an intuitive eater! Yes, you heard me right!

Think about it, when you were an infant, toddler, and even young child before outside voices were influencing what/when/how much you ate… You ate when you were hungry, stopped when you were full, ate the foods you wanted (for the most part at least), and moved about your day guilt free for what you had eaten. Food held no moral value in your life. You weren’t told you had to eat a certain way in order to change yourself and become the healthiest you could be.

That being said, if you have been strongly influenced by diet culture and other outside voices and opinions to change the ways you eat, drink, work out, etc. and you are sitting there always feeling ashamed for what you ate over the weekend and can't wait for Monday to burn it all off in the gym... These outside diet culture influences have harmed your relationship with food and your body and it's time to get back in tune with your body through an intuitive eating approach.

If diet after diet, you have restricted yourself to 1,000 calories, minimal carbs, and you are feeling burnt out, weak, and downright stressed when it comes to your food choices, intuitive eating is for you.

If you feel guilty for eating a piece of cake at a birthday party because you feel you “blew it” for the day and might as well just keep eating "bad" foods and get back on track tomorrow, intuitive eating is for you.

If you have tried everything from Jenny Craig to Weight Watchers, Keto to Paleo, and are sick and tired of losing and regaining the weight lost time after time... If you are looking for a sustainable approach to live a healthy and happy lifestyle that not only your metabolism will thank you for, but also your body and mind, intuitive eating is right for you.

Even if you don't fall into any of the above descriptions, you've never really "dieted" in your life, but are looking to make positive healthy changes to the way you eat and move your body without having to go on a diet, you've come to the right place!

By re-introducing intuitive eating into your life and learning how to (again) become the intuitive eater you once were, is going to help you gain back control in your life and get in tune with your body in a way you may have never experienced. You won't ever feel the need to jump on the bandwagon and try the next new fad or diet trend all of your friends are talking about. You won't have to spend hundreds of dollars on workout programs, shakes, or supplements to live the healthy lifestyle you want. Intuitive eating is going to help you live your best life that isn't controlled by food and obsessing over how your body looks. It's not just another diet hidden behind some claim that “It’s not a diet, its a lifestyle” (cough cough, Noom….) it by definition of the founders Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch as “a self-care eating framework, which integrates instinct, emotion, and rational thought.”

The practice of intuitive eating not only honors physical health, but mental health as well and is aligned with Health at Every Size. All bodies deserve dignity and respect, and all bodies deserve to be fed adequately. This concept and nutrition philosophy is so important and something I wish I would have learned way earlier on in my studies. However, the struggles that I went through to get to where I am at today have not only helped me learn a lot about myself and become a stronger and more confident individual, but it has helped drive my passion in my work to help women do the same and repair their relationship with food through an intuitive eating approach.

If you have any further questions about intuitive eating or if you are still questioning if this approach to a sustainable healthy lifestyle is for you, head over to my instagram account and connect with me there @balancedbynutrition or leave a comment on this blog post. I would love to continue the conversation with you!



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